July 28, 2021

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Top 5 Movies in Netflix

Top 5 Movies in Netflix

What is Netflix?

Netflix is the world’s leading media streaming platform. it has been operating in nearly every country in the world. Netflix is the first one to enter this streaming industry in 2007 and now it has hundreds of millions of subscriber around the world.

The streaming services are initially build to live the licensed content from other distributors, but Netflix starts funding for its own original content from 2013. The first Netflix Original was House of Cards, it has broken all the previous records of streaming media easily. After that, Netflix has seriously entered into producing the Netflix Originals with new and existing content creators. Then after the success of Netflix, the other streaming services like Amazon Prime, Zee5, Disney Plus Hoststat, etc have become serious competitors for Netflix in a short period of time.

Top 5 Movies in Netflix

5. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

The film is about, A Jaded toymaker finds a new world with more fantasy and a new type of humans with a lot of changing from our real world. His Granddaughter interest is to live in a fantasy world. So to make his granddaughter happy he finds it. After that what happens with the world they are currently living and how they returned to our World is the main plot of the film. The main thing is the screenplay of the movie is a very interesting one, it will engage you without any deviation from the film.

4.The Irishman

The Irishman is not a typical organized crime thriller and also it was a slow phase movie with more engaging scenes. It was about how a normal person becomes a leader for his country using his crime. In this movie, the character called Jimmy Hoffa (Pacino) has a lot of uniqueness with more sharp dialogues and definitely, he has justified his role with his great acting skills.

3. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

This was animated movie with a great story line. It was a sequel of Swallow Falls. The movie is about how a guy a struggle to get his food without the help of others. In the process of getting food, he will face many difficulties, enemies, struggle, etc… the plot of movie was how he over comes those problem and become a successful person in his life.

2. Uncut Gems

Adam Sandler is Howard Ratner, he was addicted to gambling who sees the opportunity in every game and every customer who comes for his diamond shop. Due addiction he lost his saving, respect, at that situation he does not have anything on his hand. The concept is very simple how he solved this issue and how he came from the addiction of gambling.

1. The Princess Switch: Switched Again

The genre of the film is Romantic Comedy. So, we all know the romantic comedy genre has only one plot for the whole universe which was a guy who was impressed by a girl and how he impress that girl is the plot of this film. But in which they have treated the two main character as very different from the other romantic movies which gives more uniqueness to the film and for the audience as well.