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What is TRP and how it’s calculated?

What is TRP and how it’s calculated?

What is TRP?

TRP is known for Television Rating Point. TRP of any channel is calculated based on the programme or shows that display on the channels. It was used to bring the advertisers and investors to channel to market their product or to invest here. Also, it helps to decide when and where to display their ads on channels and in between the shows the advertisers want to show their product to the public people.

According to the viewership of the channel, the sponsors will come and market their product and the price amount is also calculated using the TRP, if the TRP of any particular show is high, then the advertisers have to pay more amount when compared to other shows. It is a tool to decide which programme are watched most and to index the viewers choice which helps to calculate the views of the channel and a programme which are mostly viewed by the public. In below we will be seeing the process of calculating the TRP of a channel or a Programme.

How to Calculate TRP of a Channel?

You all may that TRP is calculated by Indian agencies called  INTAM and DART. INTAM is an Indian Television Audience Measurement. Earlier, DART that is Doordarshan Audience Research TV this rating is used to calculate only available channel at the time called Doordarshan. In nowadays many electronic devices are introduced to calculate the TRP rating in a perfect way.

  • Public Meters – It is a device which was installed in some places or set in a home to calculate the TRP rating. In this way, some thousand of viewers are located in one location then it will help you to calculate the exact rating of the channel or a programme that is most viewed by the public

  • Picture Matching – This is the second method to calculate the TRP rating, it was used to record a small portion of the picture that is being watched on the TV. Then this data are collected from set of homes in the form of picture and it was analyzed to calculate the TRP rating.

Did they face any Problem for TRP increase & decreases?

Yes, surely the TV channel will face some issue if the TRP of a particular programme will decreases because the income of the TV channel is based only on a TRP. If its higher then automatically the channels will get more advertisers and investors. If it’s low then they will not get any of this income. So they expect only highly rated Programme to telecast on their channels. We hope all you got some idea about TRP and how it’s calculated.